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The Tarp & Clip Nut Harvesting System is an environmentally friendly and economically profitable system designed to harvest nuts during the natural drop season. Among the significant benefits, the Tarp & Clip Nut Harvesting System:

  • Reduces Overall Costs

    Equipment, such as vacuum machines, require as many as five people to operate. Given the centralized collection of the Tarp & Clip Nut Harvesting System, harvesting nuts can easily be completed by just one person. This saves on equipment costs and labor costs, including training.

  • Eliminates Tree Damage

    Using equipment, like shakers, to harvest nuts can lead to significant trunk and limb damage. A tree can take up to three years to recover from the damage. The Tarp & Clip Nut Harvesting System allows for the natural drop process and, therefore, eliminates bruising or bark damage to the trunk and eliminates broken limbs throughout the harvesting process.

  • Allows for Natural Ripening

    The Tarp & Clip Nut Harvesting System allows for each nut to naturally ripen. Farmers can avoid the use of chemical ripening agents, which saves costs and allows for an organic harvest.

  • Limits Maintenance

    The Tarp & Clip Nut Harvesting System can be set up at any time, and can even be kept in place year round. Once in place, the UVL resistant, water permeable tarp allows for water to pass through to the tree, yet discourages weed and grass growth.

  • Reduces Dust

    The amount of dust that equipment, like vacuum and ground sweeping collectors, stirs up is overwhelming. Extreme dust can lead to health problems and can create safety risks for harvesters. The Tarp & Clip Nut Harvesting System eliminates approximately 95% of dust by allowing the nuts to drop naturally and then roll into a centralized collection area.


    If you have other needs, Organic Farm Solutions, LLC also offers Consulting Services. With well over twenty years experience in the farming industry, including hands-on orchard experience and organic farm inspections, Organic Farm Solutions, LLC is equipped to help you improve the overall functioning of your farm.

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